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“I really lost myself in the process of drug use and wanted to start my life anew.”

molly before and after teen drug rehab

Molly before and after her 90 days in treatment.

Inspirations teen drug rehab helps teens lost in the haze of substance abuse and defiant behavior find a healthy new life. We have treated many teens and help repair many families. We take teen addiction and mental health seriously and it is reflected in our renowned one-of-kind treatment program. Our unique outlook on teen treatment is what allows us to help a wide of range teens who suffer from drug abuse like Molly.

Meet Molly

Every now and then we are touched by a remarkable teen whose strive to sobriety really strikes a chord deep within just like Molly did. She came to treatment frustrated and tired of the life her drug abuse caused her to lead.

I was really tired of the lifestyle I was living. It was damaging my family and everyone that I love very much. I had really lost myself in the process of drug use. So I just really wanted to get my life back in check and start anew said, Molly.

However, her start to recovery would not be as easy as she had hoped. Similar to the many teens who enter treatment she realized recovery is a constant work in progress and there are no quick fixes or short cuts.

“I thought I was all fine and dandy and I even wrote this poem that was really like “Oh I’m so motivated to get better!” Then the cravings set in and you’re like wow this is a lot harder than I thought.”

-Molly, on her adjusting to recovery at Inspirations teen drug rehab.

molly in recovery

Molly enjoying a buffet of food on a sober outing.

The Inspirations Difference

Despite her cravings and other mental health issues through the help of her therapist and Inspirations staff, Molly has managed to make a splendid recovery! The change even extends into her physical appearance which can be seen in the photos above.

I’ve been through therapist after therapist since I was about eight years old but, this one just really called me out on my bull crap, didn’t sit there and feel sorry for me, and kind of showed me what is what says, Molly.

During treatment, she took the time to really self-reflect and rediscover the person she was and wants to continue being. Along the way she even discovered she has several natural talents which became positive coping skills.

“I’ve learned a lot of little things because I didn’t know myself coming in here. The biggest thing I learned about myself is that I have talents!”

“I haven’t drawn in years before I came here but I realized when I drew my very first picture that I was actually really good. Then I wrote a poem, the one I was talking about being so motivated, it was actually really good.”

-Molly, sharing what she has learned during her time in treatment.

What is in the future for Molly?

The strides towards sobriety that Molly has taken will forever impact her future greatly. After leaving treatment Molly will attend a boarding school where she can focus on her academics. This also allows her to continue building a life for herself away from the negative influence of her local high school.

In order to graduate I’m doing what’s best for me and not going back to the high school, I was going to. After that, I’m going back to Alabama and going to college or a cosmetology school. We already have the college picked out says, Molly.

Molly has a brand new life ahead of her. Inspirations wishes her the best and hopes she continues to find success in her recovery and all that she does.

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Teen shares her surprising before and after testimony of teen drug rehab
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