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In May of 2013, when Alyssa was 13 years-old, she was molested and a week later Baker Acted which means she was involuntarily sent to an institutional facility and examined due to her mental health condition. She became Baker Acted three other times for self-harm. Alyssa never really had a problem with drugs, but self harm was her addiction. Inspirations for Youth Teen Rehab worked with her on her issues and she is now on her way to full recovery.

Alyssa grew to love Inspirations and could not fathom that people in recovery can go to the beach and movies. But that is the Inspirations way of treating teens by taking them on lots of day trips.  It is defined as recreational therapy – so when it is time for the teens to go home – they are ready for the outside world.

“My therapist helped me through everything. Right now I am not wearing any makeup and I never have been this confident about myself in my life,” said Alyssa.

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And now her relationship with her father is much improved.

“I was terrified of my father. Terrified. I had very bad trauma with him. Every time he tried to give me a high-five I flinched.”

“Prior to Inspirations, I had not seen my dad in two years until he came here for Family Weekend. I was proud to have him there to see me perform a tribal dance. Now, he is going to move down and live near me for the first time.

Perhaps, Alyssa summed up her recovery best by saying: “I am 13 and looking clean. And another thing I learned here, I may not always like myself, but I will always love myself.”

Teen Self Harm Recovery
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