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During our recent involvement in the 2016 Boca PAL race, one of our Inspirations teens shared her thoughts on her treatment. Kristen a teen suffering from drug and alcohol abuse has been to several teen drug rehabs. Although she has sought help numerous times, she was unable to successfully maintain her sobriety.

Kristen’s Experience

Similarly to many teens who enter Inspirations treatment Kristen’s extensive drug abuse drew the attention of her friends and family who sought for her get help. This time around they looked for a teen drug rehabĀ that would be able to properly meet her needs. They also wanted a place that would approach her treatment with care and professionalism.

“I think its really cool! Coming from different facilities and other places like juvie it’s different. It’s more freedom and I’m able to use my skills and go out into the world and do fun things.”

– Kristen, Inspirations teen on her stay in treatment

Very true to Kristen’s statement Inspirations has gained a name for its very unique approach to teen addiction treatment. Unlike other treatment centers in the industry dubbed as assembly line rehabs.

The Inspirations Difference

Inspirations takes great care in providing an individualized treatment guaranteed to benefit each client. We also incorporate dual diagnosis and alternative forms of therapy. This ensures our teens get not only drug addiction but proper mental health care. Just as well, through alternative forms of therapy our teen can develop and grow positive coping skills that can be used back home. Not to mention they provide great past times for many of our teens!

“Half this stuff I’ve never done because of my addiction. So it feels awesome to be able to do this and help people. I think its a great thing and something people should be thankful for. “

-Kristen, a Inspirations teenĀ 

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