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Music Therapy in Teen Addiction Treatment

music therapy

Inspiration’s Music Therapy Program

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) uses music as a form therapy to help teens suffering with drug and alcohol addiction to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner. The skills acquired through music therapy are coping tools our clients can use when they need to express themselves. The use of music therapy in addiction has also proven to improve self confidence and group therapy interactions. At Inspirations we encourage music therapy as it helps to facilitate our group sessions. Teens have reported to feel more relaxed, engaged and more expressive during our music therapy sessions.

Music therapy teaches our clients the rules of reading and interpreting music. Clients are also taught how to use the instrument of their choice. Inspirations provide a range of instruments such as guitars, drums, keyboards and more for clients to choose from. We offer lessons teaching our clients the skill of song writing – this is often how clients choose to express themselves. These methods during music therapy help our therapists to analyze the issues of our clients but, it also provides a form of entertainment and relaxation to the teens.

By using the tools and trades of creating music our therapists are able to perceive the meaning and feelings of our teens. Whether it is regarding the past, present or future therapists will gain an understanding of what the teens are expressing by talking about what they created and what lead them to create it.

Additional Benefits:

  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Empowerment
  • Stress relief

Debonaire Recording

To provide engaging and different experiences we also have a partnership with Debonaire Recording Studio. Clients are able to freely express themselves and record a variety of music with Debonaire’s premiere recording studio. They are known for creating superior music productions and they also help our clients understand the process of creating music by demonstrating the recording, mixing and mastering process in a professional environment.

Some of their clients include creating work for Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Motown Records and BMG.

Listen to a track created by one of our teens here:

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