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Teen Addiction Family Therapy Treatment

Inspirations Family Therapy Program promotes the family systems approach to helping the client(s), find solutions to problems or issues. This approach is very effective when working with teen behavior problems, teen drug abuse, teen eating disorders, teen trauma, and the chaos withing occurring within a family.

Inspirations Teen Rehab provides weekly family therapy for each teenager and family. Family therapy sessions take place either in person or via conference call.

Family Therapy Weekend

The program occurs each month. During Family Therapy Weekend, family therapy workshops are provided for all families attending. The two-day family therapy workshops are provided for teenagers, their parents, and family members, together and separately. The program, which includes lunch, takes place at the beautiful and scenic Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel.

The Agenda includes the following:

  • Introduction where clinical directors will discuss Inspirations programming, level system, and current trends in mental health treatment
  • Primary therapist presents lecture on the Family Dynamics
  • Educational Director discusses Inspirations’ pioneering Educational program
  • Questions and Answers with the attending families
  • The clinical director explains the importance of preparing the home for their returning teens
  • Teens have one-on-one time with their family members off the premises
  • Each day female and male teens will share their experiences about self esteem and recovery at Inspirations

family-therapyFamily Therapy Weekend at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Port Hotel

Every teen attending Inspirations Teen Rehab, will return with a family and to a family system. Assisting families and working with them to find solutions is necessary to allow for the most effective results of Inspirations adolescent residential treatment program.

Ground Rules for Family Meetings

  1. Give Everyone a Chance to Talk
  2. Don’t Interrupt Other
  3. It’s OK to Say How You Feel
  4. You Don’t Have to Talk
  5. You Do Have to Listen
  6. Don’t Put Anyone Else Down
  7. Don’t Repeat Outside the Meeting What Other Have to Shared


Teen Addiction Family Therapy Treatment
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