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DBT Family Skills Group

For years, one of the greatest challenges in the treatment progress has been the inability of families to adapt to a mentally healthier and well-adjusted DBT program graduate. This problem has been directly addressed by the creation of a completely separate DBT Skills Training track that is strictly for motivated family members of participants in the general DBT Skills Group.

The efficiency of the application of newly learned DBT skills is greatly enhanced when the family has also learned and has become adept at using the same DBT skills. Family Skills participants are required to remain in individual therapy with a DBT therapist for the entire course.

Participants in the Family DBT Skills Group will master four skill sets:

Mindfulness Skills: Family group members learn to observe, describe and participate in thoughts, sensations, emotions and external phenomenon without judging these experiences as “good” or “bad.” Mindfulness skills are essential to successful advancement in the DBT Program.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Family participants learn to successfully assert their needs and manage conflict in their relationships. This is accomplished through learning and practicing highly effective interpersonal skills.

Emotion Regulation Skills: Emotional regulation skills help participants identify and manage emotional reactions in healthy and adaptive ways. The tools learned in this module help reduce the negative emotional surge that may result from an adverse event.

Distress Tolerance Skills: Family group members learn ways to accept and tolerate distress without resorting to negative or destructive behaviors.

DBT Family Skills Group
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