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teen rehab talent show

Teens Gabriel and Julianna performing a song showing true teamwork!

Our bi-annual talent show is back and this time our teen rehab did things differently! In honor of our employee appreciation event, our teens put on a show centered around giving back and showing thanks! The Inspirations talent show not only incorporates the best parts of our music and art therapy but other life skills.


One of the many things we promote at Inspirations is the importance of working together. We took this lesson and challenged two of our teens to work on a song together. These two teens worked hard to put together a performance.

Overcoming Fears

In addition to teamwork, we always work with teens to explore their full potential. With human nature comes fear. We help a lot of teens overcome their fear of stigma, recovery, and failure. With that in mind, we were extremely proud of two teens who really stepped outside of their comfort zones to try something new! Jayden wowed the crowd with her moving rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You. We also had Britni step from her introvertive shell and become a social butterfly as she was the lead MC in this talent show! She even took the time to perform one of her poems about her struggle with addiction.

Trying something new

While the Inspirations talent show fosters creativity and art we also strive to help teens open up to more than one mediums of expression. In this case, we had a teen who shared another art form.  Many know Alexis as one our very gifted singers of Inspirations and when she expressed interest in poetry our staff was quick to encourage her!

“She wrote the poem during one of our lessons and she came to us very interested in the inner workings of poetry. We immediately thought this would be a great piece for the talent show!”

-Denise Achee, Director of Education.

Although she was nervous Inspirations staff and clients encouraged her to explore poetry. Watch Alexis recite her first ever poem here:

Saying Goodbye

teen rehab alumni

Inspirations Alumni Shauna and Julianna.

Although, we gathered to show our appreciation to Inspirations staff and their hard work the staff never quits working and took the time to honor two of our teens. Julianna and Shauna were given the opportunity to receive their alumni medals as they were inducted into the Inspirations Alumni Program.

Teen rehab talent show teaches Life Skills
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