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3 Tips on How to Prevent Your Teen From Self Medicating

Teens with mental health issues tend to self-medicate to handle their own problems. Too many young people are making a bad situation worse by using drugs in a misguided effort to relieve their symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc," said John P. Walters, Director,...

Family Therapy Sessions Helped Teen Overcome Anger

“I used to get angry at the smallest things… but since I’ve been here, I’ve learned to appreciate things a little bit more. I would rather be happy than angry all the time,” Ryan, an Inspirations Alumnus, said. As a result of many arguments at home and abusing...

3 Simple Ways to Support Your Post-Rehab Teen

Your teen has just finished their time in rehab and a whole new world lies ahead. Walking out the door isn't the end of the journey, however. The moment rehab ends is the moment your role becomes of the utmost importance. You are the guidepost. You are the support...

Former Teen Addict Becomes Successful Photographer After Rehab

“If I didn’t go to Inspirations, I would honestly be dead right now,” said Monica S., an Inspirations Alumna. While battling an addiction to prescription pills, Monica, a Canadian native, got caught up with the wrong crowd and began to sell drugs. Nearly 6 years ago,...

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Out of state rehab teen strives to stay sober

Out of state rehab teen strives to stay sober

  “Inspirations is definitely the most fun rehab I’ve been to because they really put a lot of emphasis on learning to have fun in recovery.” Grace Kendall, an out-of-state rehab teen, said “Especially at a teenage rehab it’s important because a lot of kids would...

Boss replaces stolen bike for teen in recovery

Boss replaces stolen bike for teen in recovery

Inspirations have helped numerous teens overcome drug abuse and start a healthy addiction recovery journey. Every so often we have a teen who returns to give their thanks and spread their knowledge with teens who are in a place they once were. Spencer came to...

Teen Rehab Resources for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment
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