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As more and more teens are using heroin and in many cases overdosing and dying, it is welcome news to hear a happy ending involving the deadly opiate. One teen at Inspirations overcame her severe heroin addiction.

When you first see Marilyn, she looks like any other normal teen girl. Before coming to Inspirations she was able to hide from her family her heroin addiction and was slowly falling deeper into it. For about three to four months Marilyn was constantly abusing heroin. From snorting to shooting up she began to use heroin faster and more aggressively.

Even after suffering a near fatal overdose her mother began searching for a treatment center that could meet all of Marilyn’s needs. Despite her near death experience Marilyn admits that she was still willing to use.

A near death experience

“I started using again. It was about a week after I overdosed. Like I didn’t think anything of it, I almost died and I didn’t even really care” said Marilyn.

After her research Marilyn’s mother finally decided to admit her to Inspirations for Youth and Families. Although she was nervous Marilyn accepted that she needed help and came willingly into treatment. We asked Marilyn what made this possible and she says its due to her mom’s trust and research on our treatment center.

My mom said “It was the best on the east coast.”

Now that she has been here receiving treatment we also asked Marilyn if Inspirations lived up to hers and her mother’s expectation.

“I agree. I think this place is great. I love the stuff we do here the meetings, the activities, everything. “

– Marilyn

Marilyn is referring to Inspirations extensive recreational therapy program where the teens go to great place like the beach, ice-skating events, and even paintball.

Listen to Marilyn’s recovery story here:

Teen rehab client recovers from heroin addiction
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