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Teen Recovery Stories

We all love stories that melt our heart, bring tears to our eyes or just give us a good giggle. Here is a compilation of teen recovery stories written by the teens themselves. These are also typical assignments we give our teens in our highly regarded teen rehab Educational Program.


The first story touches on why the use of any drug can never be validated and even though our personal struggles may be different what we all suffer from is how to cope with our problems. Some may cope in healthier ways and other in a more harmful manner, but what is important to remember is that no matter what you are going through, to be grateful for what you have. The teen also talks about learning how to properly  deal with issues.

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Click to enlarge the image above

Our second story is an inside look at the mind of a former teen marijuana user. This teen explains that even though most people do not see the harm in smoking marijuana, like all other drugs it comes with a consequence. This teen also opens up about being thankful for the chance to come to Inspirations to get better and looks forward to living a clean life the right way.

Our Educational Program

Inspiration’s Rehab Academic Program recognizes troubled teens and the relation between drug abuse and academic performance. In response, Inspirations Teen Rehab has created an individualized academic program approach to working with teens in rehab. The classroom setting provides for individualized attention and focus on each teens’ academic goals. We provide a small ratio of students to teacher education, further enhancing each student’s learning opportunity.

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