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teen in rehab shares what he learned

Our teen drug and alcohol recovery program at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) strives to help our clients overcome their addiction and also to continue living in sobriety after leaving treatment. Coping skills are a huge part of living a sober life. We teach various techniques and skills our clients can use throughout their lives. IYF helps clients to understand what their triggers are, what to do when they feel the need to use and how to have fun sober. Our teen in rehab blogger Cody will share what the most important thing he learned at Inspirations is.

Teen in rehab shares what he has learned

“The most important thing I learned in rehab is the ability to cope with situations that, previously, I could not handle. I couldn’t manage life on life’s own terms without self medicating with substances.”

“I now have many coping skills and techniques to render substances as unnecessary for my happiness and success in life, I am now confident to return home and no longer be a worry to my mother and how to deal with the struggles at home.”

– Cody D, a teen in Inspirations for Youth and Families drug rehab.

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