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Inspirations for Youth and Families had the opportunity to help aid and guide an amazing teen away from the reins and control of drugs. During her time here Kammie was able to go from being a self induced loner with a terrible attititude to a very personable and confident young lady.

Kammie enters drug rehab

Like so many before her Kammi was not a fan of being sent to a teen drug rehab center.

“Oh let me tell you! (Laughs) At first when they told me I was very upset that I was coming. Then I tried to be positive and tried smiling but you could tell I was mad I was here because I thought I didn’t need to be here.” Kammi informs us.

And like the many before her after settling into the schedule at our facility she was able to make friends and become comfortable with her stay at Inspirations. Still she was very skeptical about receiving dual diagnosis or any addiction treatment or therapy because she did not think she had a problem

“I didn’t really talk to her that much, I would just go in her office tell her how I was doing, how my life was going or how I felt and she’d be like okay. We would end it there and I’d walk out and that would be it.” Said Kammi.

But she began opening up to her therapist more and more as she stayed and became a sctive participant in the program.

“I kind of had to sit here for a while without my family around, without any of my friends or talk to anyone that I knew or be around anyone I knew to realize how blessed I am and how the things I was doing was really affecting not only me but family.” Kammi said.

She even recalls the moment it clicked in one of Inspirations many group AA meeting offered.

“So I was at an AA meeting and I can’t remember what he said but I remember everything just clicked and from that point forward I realized it was me I needed to work on.”

Through her recovery journey Kammi has learned a lot about herself and what lead to her addiction. We’ve provided her with many insights about why she was abusing and how it really affected her and everyone around her.

“That was probably the hardest part of it all. At first its everyone’s fault I’m here, I did all that because it was their fault but once I began to realize than I’m an addict and this is real life, that I was doing these things not my dad, wasn’t my mom, it wasn’t any of my friends but me doing it I realized I can’t keep blaming everyone else.”

“Before I was mean and to myself but now people tell me they’ve seen me change.  I didn’t like that, I didn’t care about people. I always found myself caring too much about people and it helped me not care about people.

“Along with that it made me not care about anything else. I also sat with people and those that I sat with were just pulling me down with them.”

The change in Kammi’s demeanor and thinking have been tremendous and has been noted by all our staff and clients. Kammi Is so proud of her recovery and can’t wait to see her family.

“I told my dad the day before I came here “I hate you”, “I’m never going to talk to you again”, “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me” basically I violated him in a way (verbally abused him). ‘

“I’ve never told my parents I hated them that was like a sin in my house because family is the only people you have and now I can’t wait to see my dad! ”

“Like tomorrow I’m going to run off the plan and like hug him, hug them all. You just realize they are the only people that are going to be their forever and truly love you no matter what you do or how bad you mess up.” said Kammi.

We’ve asked Kammi what she would tell a parent or someone who is struggling to come to rehab.

“Basically you’re going to have to figure out a way to get her here but once she’s here and you leave her here it’s the best thing for her. Whether its behavior or drugs whatever it is she’s going to learn from it, grow as a person, mature and appreciate more what her family does for here or what she even does for herself. She’ll learn how to love her herself.”

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