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Temptation in addiction recovery

Understanding temptation is a big part of successfully completing recovery treatment. Teens are taught to understand why drugs seem so tempting and why they were unable to resist using them. As a part of an exercise teens at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) were asked to write about temptations and how they can be avoided. Here is a teen’s  very interesting perspective on what temptations are and how he plans to deal with them.

“Temptation, one may describe it as a cunning enemy of life and others may view It as an outlet of pleasure and bliss. How can we avoid temptation? The answer is simple, we cannot. In a world full of self indulgence and immediate gratification we must embrace temptation as a part of our lives. The key is to unlock the parts of ourselves that refuse to let go of our seemingly negative compulsivity.”

“Only when we find our temptations as positive outlets in our lives will be truly satisfied.”

– Tyler a teen at Inspirations in addiction recovery.

Teen in addiction recovery reveals how he resists temptation
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