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Sarah’s Inspirations for Youth and Families addiction center testimonial

Sarah was a teen client at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) who decided to share her experiences while she was here at our addiction center. While at Inspirations for Youth and Families she was able to find herself again and looks forward to what her life has to offer. This testimonial will cover Sarah’s story of recovery in an addiction center.

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Like too many teens today Sarah felt her life was one not worth living. She felt that instead of truly living her life she was just going through the paces. To escape from her problems and also to bring excitement into her life she began abusing drugs at the end of her freshman year of high school.

After first using marijuana she noticed the negative changes it made in her life.

“I didn’t know how to take hold of my responsibilities. I didn’t choose the right friends, I was crazy and I didn’t even respect my family enough.”

Even with its negative repercussions Sarah continued to abuse drugs throughout her entire high school career. Although she was able to graduate from high school while being an addict Sarah says her addiction still had a negative effect on her choices.

“I was depressed at one point. It was the friends and the people that I met and surrounded myself with because if you surround yourself with negative people, you’re going to become negative.”

Her drug choice even became affected and she began using even more dangerous substances.

“When I started using I was just doing marijuana and I was like I am never ever going to pick up a needle and it always ends you know one way or another. Either you’re going to be in an institution, you’re going to be in jail or you’re going to be dead and I didn’t want to take those chances. I’m glad I was able to come to Inspirations to actually you know figure that out and not have to dig my own grave.”

Sarah’s mother saw the change in her daughter and began researching the best methods of help for her child. She came across Inspirations in her research and they agreed it was the best addiction center for her to receive treatment.

“I would say it takes about two weeks to settle in because you start to get to know the girls, you get over that awkwardness and weirdness and you know being sober and not knowing your coping skills. Not being able to pick up that drug or drink or what have you is weird. You have to completely reevaluate your entire existence almost but, at the end of the day it’s worth it. It absolutely is.”

Sarah shares her experience as a teen in an addiction center as well as her therapy.

“I had therapy for years but the therapy I got here was the best that I ever had.”

“Actually my therapist is one of my favorite clinical therapists that I’ve ever had. And I’m really going miss her and I’m really going to miss the others that I’ve come to know. All the groups, the support, you know even the teachers. You really are welcomed with open arms and it’s great.”

She also states she will miss the friends and roommates she made while at Inspirations for Youth and Families.

“There is a much deeper relationship that you gain here you really talk to these girls, you find out what their journey and path has been. You’re like wow I can really relate to this.”

Inspirations for Youth and Families addiction center

All the staff and clients are grateful we had the opportunity to help and get to know Sarah while she was here. We are proud of her for successfully completing the program and look forward to what she will accomplish in the future.

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