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“When I was using drugs, I wasn’t using my full potential,” Madison said. “Now that I’m sober, I can focus and get my life back on track.”

During most teens’ senior year of high school, they are working towards obtaining their diploma and applying to college.

As a high school senior, Madison was enrolled in three AP classes and on the path to graduating with honors but everything changed when she got involved with the wrong crowd and began abusing marijuana and prescription pills.

“My school expelled me because I got caught smelling of marijuana and had two bottles of prescription drugs,” the teen said.

Concerned for her daughter’s well-being, Madison’s mother scheduled an intervention with Inspirations for Youth and Families Interventionist, Dr. James Hughes, who picked up the teen while at alternative school and encouraged her to get into treatment.

Although reluctant at first, Madison expressed that receiving treatment at Inspirations was worth it.

Watch Madison graduate from high school while in teen rehab 

Staying on top of school while at rehab

Juggling schoolwork and treatment did not come easy at first for the teen. Due to complications with her alternative school, Madison worked on obtaining her GED rather than a high school diploma.

According to Madison, the most difficult part of focusing on schoolwork while at treatment was having time restrictions.

“I really enjoy school and I wish I would have more time to talk to my teachers and spend more time working on assignments,” she said.

With the help of teachers and staff at Inspirations, Madison was able to manage both school and treatment and receive her diploma. Denise Achee, Inspirations educational director, witnessed Madison’s recovery from intervention to her graduation.

“With all the disappointments, I’m happy seeing Madison push through and achieve this huge goal of getting her GED.” Denise said. “She is a very bright girl with a bright future ahead of her.”

Education is a vital part of any adolescent’s life. The Inspirations educational and clinical staff work closely together to ensure teens are not only completing their school work but are also physically and emotionally healthy.

“Emotional well-being is the main thing that drives someone’s academic success,” Denise said.

While at Inspirations, being sober has allowed Madison to focus on her studies, health and overall well being. She plans on enrolling in technical college in the Spring and later becoming a surgeon.

“I am really excited to go back home and get my life started,” Madison said.

Teen Graduates High School in Rehab
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