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We recently got the chance to speak with teen graduate Helena about her recent graduation, future plans and overall experience at Inspirations for Youth and Families.

Scott: “While you’ve been here you’re working on your school and what happened today?”

Helena: “They held a graduation ceremony for me. Which was very surprising and I enjoyed and appreciated it a lot. I got my little diploma the other day saying I completed high school.”

Scott: “How were you able to complete high school while in a teen treatment center like Inspirations?”

Helena: “I work at a diligent pace whenever I do online school. In about 9 months I finished four years of high school.”

Scott: “That’s phenomenal.”

Helena: “I thought it was an awesome opportunity coming here and I knew that for my certificate it would look really good graduating from the school in Inspirations. I’m on my step to completing and my journey in life, so I’m really happy”

Scott: “How did you find the teachers here?”

Helena: “The teachers were very helpful in many ways and they helped me learn a lot and I got a lot done.”

Scott: “Here’s a corny question, what do you want to when you grow up?”

Helena: “I’d like to be a singer but my back up plan I’m thinking about going into criminal justice.”

Scott: “So you took advantage of our Debonaire Studio Affiliation?”

Helena: “Yes, it is amazing.”

Scott: “Good and you’re doing some tracks you have now for your portfolio?”

Helena: “Yes I’ve actually done about one song but, I’m in the process of re-recording and just going over and making sure it’s pretty good. I’m also trying to focus on other career options because not a lot of people making into singing, it’s a hard thing to get into.”

Scott: “That’s a very mature attitude. What’s your favorite subject?”

Helena: “I’d say either English or Science.”

Scott: “Anything else you’d like to add?”

Helena: “I’m very grateful and I know I couldn’t do this alone so thank you. I have to thank my family and especially god for allowing me to have the opportunities that I have been blessed with.”

IYF Youth Rehab

Inspirations for Youth and Families is a premiere teen drug rehab known for its individualized treatment plans. Unlike other treatment centers each client has a plan fitted to their specific needs. Dual diagnosis and educational support are some the types of treatment expected here at Inspirations. We allow teens to earn high school credits during their time in treatment through one on one tutoring and enrollment in our academic program. Parents can opt to have teens transfer to online schooling or allow their teens to receive assignments and homework from their teachers on a weekly basis. Our dual diagnosis treatment addresses other mental issues that contribute or lead to teen drug abuse.

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