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By Cody D, a teen blogger at Inspirations for Youth and Families

Cody D, is a teen in recovery at Inspirations for Youth and Families and part of his therapy involved authoring this poignant blog about the myriad of reasons why some teens abuse drugs and others never even tried them. 

Certain people gravitate towards drugs for a variety of reasons. At the base of all drug use is a problem. A problem in which drugs are seen as a solution and are a coping mechanism intended to null the problem.

Breaking down adolescent drug use to its most basic form, substance abuse starts at home. Discontent with home life can lead an adolescent to search for a means of escape, or rebellion against authority. There are many factors that can start an adolescent on using substances. Media glorification, societal acceptance and peer pressure are all key influences on the juvenile’s decision to partake in using drugs. Also playing a key role is genetics and predisposition to addiction.

The teenage adolescents that gravitate towards drugs include those with troubles at home, individuals searching for a sense of individuality, and thrill seekers. Typically, adolescents with substance abuse tendencies are just a combination of these factors in varying degrees. Why one teenager will decide to try a drug whereas another similar teenager refuses, ultimately plays into their personalities.

A young person’s personality is a collection of all of their past experiences, their values, morals and self-identity as a result of their life as they’ve grown up. It is how they view the world, themselves, and everything in between, with lasting impressions from parents and, more influentially, peers.

Why an adolescent will refuse to ever try drugs in the first place stems from a strong understanding of self-identity. They who have the support system in place to manage with life, do not seek substances to eliminate personal issues. Non-using adolescents do not have the drive for a thrill which exists particularly in juveniles predisposed to substance abuse. To a substance abusing adolescent, a peer who refuses to consider trying a drug does not have the curiosity found in themselves.

Why an adolescent will refuse to ever try drugs in the first place stems from a strong understanding of self-identity.

The reasoning behind a certain individual using drugs, and another refusing plays just as much into situational circumstances and it does personal circumstances.


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