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Social Media DangerWhen a teen enters Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehabilitation program, their education far exceeds drug addiction or alcohol abuse treatment. Besides their award winning educational academy, IYF routinely brings in guest speakers to talk about subjects ranging from bullying to the dangers of social media.

Watch Private Investigator talk about Social Media Danger to Teen Drug Rehab

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Efrat Cohen, who spoke to the IYF Teens, is a licensed professional investigator. Efrat has seen her fair share of crimes – some of which involved illicit or unwise use of social media among teens.

Here is the Expert from her Presentation on the Dangers of Social Media

Don’t tell people where you are on Social Media

Efrat Cohen: You guys let people know where you exactly are by posting on social media. We don’t think about these things when we are taking a picture of nachos and eating at Chilis.

People get fired from their jobs because of Social MediaTweet of vet and cat

EC: Here is a story of a veterinarian who got fired for posting something extremely disturbing. The veterinarian posted a picture of a dead cat saying: “My first boat kill (Lol). The only good cat is one with an arrow through its head,”  And then she says: “I know I won’t lose my job lol. Like someone would ever get rid of me. I am awesome.”

So what do you think happened to here. Obviously she got fired. They got rid of her and she lost her veterinarian license. Now she can’t work with animals anymore. Fortunately. And she is very young and now her whole life is ruined because of this one social media post.

Social Media and College

EC: Ok so who is going to college. So back in my day if you wanted to go to college you needed to have good SAT scores and a good GPA score and you had to write an essay. And that was it. Now a days colleges look at your Facebook page.

Inspiration’s Teen: Yes they look at your pictures on your Facebook page.

EC: Do you think they would want to take you in if you had pictures on your social media of killing a cat.

Can deleted Tweets be recovered by law enforcement authorities and private investigators?

EC: People delete their tweets and we can get them back. Let’s say for example if you were bullying someone and you were doing it through Twitter. We can have Twitter subpoenaed to get that information. So let’s say you tweet me a picture of you and I delete it. I can retrieve the deleted tweet from your cell phone.

Stay tuned for more installments on the dangers of Social Media and please read our blog: The link behind social media and drug addiction.



Teen Drug Rehabilitation Program learns dangers of Social Media
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