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Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab rose to the occasion in preparing for Monster Storm

Even before Hurricane Matthew impacted Inspirations for Youth and Families adolescent drug rehab, both the teens and staff were already well on their way to being prepared for what was being billed as the worst storm to hit the Atlantic since Katrina and Sandy. The teens were unfazed by the danger the hurricane posed. And banded together like a well refined military platoon.

Teen drug rehab hurricane preparationThe coping-skills they learn in these times preparing for the storm are real and many people will never experience the dangers that a hurricane poses to them in an entire life-time. The Inspiration teen drug rehab response never disappoints. The teens with hurricane experience ease the fears of the others without knowledge of the natural disaster. helena from teen drug rehab

“Before hurricanes the techs stock the apartments with food,” said Helena, a teen at Inspirations for Youth. “We gather all the towels, toiletries that we need to last us through the hurricane.”

“There are a few that scare who are not from Florida, but for the most part towards the end of the night it’s clear that everything is going to be alright.”

And as always Inspirations staff came through in the clutch

“We always make sure all the projectiles are off the ground,” said Steve, director of maintenance for Inspirations. “And the generators have gas and are up and running. We pay attention to every detail. We never forget about the little things that can be the difference in survival of a dangerous hurricane.”

The soft-skills go a long way

It’s obvious that heavy lifting and brain-storming are mandatory to withstand a Cat 4 hurricane. One should not overlook the soft-skills. Like maintaining a consistent line of a communication between the addiction treatment center and the teen client’s families. Inspirations’ primary therapists were on the phone with our teen’s families around the clock to make sure everyone was aware of the status and well being of our teens.

Even social media played a part in this process. More and more parents are going to Inspirations’ Facebook page. They learn about teen drug abuse. Or simply enjoy watching their teens perform in talent shows. Others use social media to speak with the community manager before, during, and after the hurricane.

In the end, Inspirations for Youth and Families main objective is to save your teen’s lives by either preparing for a hurricane or working with them in their recovery from drug addiction.



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