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After learning that young Koko was roaming the mean streets of Asheville, North Carolina and using hard drugs, Inspirations for Youth and Families, a premier national teen rehab, came to the rescue. Koko had been to two other rehabs in North Carolina that didn’t work out for here and she did not have insurance or money to afford private pay. That’s when Inspirations stepped up and granted her a free ride aka scholarship.

Both Inspiration and Koko rose to the occasion. After approximately 60 days at Inspirations receiving top notch therapy, Koko was well on her way to recovery and left the rehab feeling hopeful about her future and her relationship with her family. She was actually optimistic about her life for the first time in a long time.

“I want to thank Inspirations because I didn’t think when I came here it would do anything, but it has completely changed my life being here and having this opportunity. I probably would have been dead by now if I had stayed on the streets and continued what I was doing. It completely changed my life and I am really grateful.” said Koko

Teen Drug Alcohol Rehab Scholarship
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