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All throughout Kevin’s life he has overcome obstacles. Just growing up in Chicago, where gangs run the city it was difficult for him – to say the least. But when Kevin ran into a little trouble – his mom came through for him and cobbled together all her financial resources to send him to Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) drug rehab.

Well, while Kevin did not want to go to a teen drug and alcohol rehab, he did it for one reason – for his mom. And when teens are Kevin’s age, they are not so compassionate to what their mom wants them to do – whether it is going to rehab or taking the garbage out for that matter. Some call this Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). But however you want to diagnose it, Kevin didn’t let himself lose his respect for the one person he could count on – his mom.

Perhaps this quote from Kevin says it all:

“I was really determined to be focused and get done what I had to get done because I knew my mom struggled to get me here so I wasn’t taking that for granted.”

Well Kevin may night be as tall as the basketball player standing next to him on the left – Werm – a Harlem Globetrotter and one of the best dunkers in the world, but he sure soared high to get himself in a better place when leaving IYF.

Let’s meet Kevin C. He is a teen who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. Kevin has spent 39 days at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) and has now returned home.

Here is the transcript of the interview by Inspiration’s Educational Director, Denise Achee, about his experience recovering from his addictions and his plans going forward. IYF has a full-fledged on-line educational academy.

Denise: Hello this is Denise Achee and I’m here with a client that is going to be leaving tomorrow. You have been here for how many days?

Kevin: 38 days.

Denise: 38 days. Talk to us about what happened and what brought you to Inspirations.

Kevin: Well I started off in Chicago and I was in a lot of trouble and my mom got really, really worried so she thought I had a problem with my addiction. I didn’t see it at first but then I understood that yeah I had a big problem so I ended up here.

Denise: So, how has it been? Share a little about your experience at Inspirations. I mean you said originally you didn’t feel like you had an addiction. I know you were kind of involved in a gang at some point too and how did that come about? How did that happen?

Kevin: Well everything just came along when I got here. At first I didn’t feel comfortable because I was out of my environment, but as soon as I got comfortable and I started adapting to stuff I was really determined to be focused and get done what I had to get done because I knew my mom struggled to get me here so I wasn’t taking that for granted. I just tried to make the best out of everything .

Denise: So you really took the program seriously and you did all your step work. When did you come to the realization that: “Wow I think I do have a problem or had problem?”

Kevin: Eight days after I got here (laughs).

Denise: (Laughs) Okay, it takes a week!

Kevin: It takes one week because Safraz (primary therapist) is pretty good with what he does and he made me understand a lot of stuff. And my talk with my counselor really opened my eyes to the paths that I didn’t know I was taking (and) where I was going to end up. Plus my group meetings pretty much helped me out just by listening to all the stories and I’m like I don’t want to end up going down that road like everybody else. I’m trying to get better.

Denise: Well that’s great news, now what’s your plan going home?

Kevin: My plan going home is to keep myself active in school, work a lot, and try not to have too much downtime you know. The only downtime I would have is to go to sleep, go to any meetings once a week that seems fine with me and yeah just keep myself very occupied.

Denise: Well we’ve been very proud of you while you’ve been here. You’ve been doing a great job. You were one of our top students. You worked diligently. You also won our award for the most determined student (laughs) and we’re very proud of you and we’re really hoping for the best and want you to keep in touch when you get home, alright?

Kevin: No problem.

Denise: Okay, have a safe trip and keep in touch and of course when you graduate I’d love to get the pictures okay? (Laughs)

Kevin: Will do.

Denise: Alright, thank you.

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