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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association for America, Anxiety will effect one in eight children as they grow into adults.

teen anxiety

More and more teens are being diagnosed with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. To help those who are struggling to cope Inspirations has created a list of easy and quick ways teens can cope with their anxiety disorder.

Six ways to cope with anxiety:

1. Make a to-do list

One of the most frequent triggers of anxiety is being overwhelmed. When experiencing this its best to sit and organize the things that overwhelm you into sizable activities. For example, instead of just clean my room break them down into put away clothes, make bed and wipe surfaces. Making a task that seems daunting into an easy one is the best ways to deal with such angst.

2. Go outside or take a walk

It’s that simple! Having a change of scenery and moving around really helps to clear your mind. When feelings of nervousness arise if you can try to move about or change your environment will do wonders for your mental well being.

3. Channel your breathing

Breathing techniques have been used to soothe feelings apprehension for years. Taking deep and even breathes help to regulate the heart and calm anxious nerves.

4. Solve a puzzle

During moments of panic it is important to keep the brain occupied from what is causing its distress. Instances like this would be a great time to do a crossword puzzle, doodle, color and even play suduko. This occupies your mind leaving no space to worry about the things that make you feel uneasy.

5. Use an app

For a more in-depth understanding of your anxiety you can use the “Self-help Anxiety Management” app also known as “SAM”. With the SAM app you can track your anxiety and narrow down what methods work for you! Likewise you will gain an understanding as to what is triggering your anxiety. The SAM also gives you tips on how to overcome these anxieties as well. The SAM app is available for Apple and Android devices.

6. Find an aromatherapy scent

The power of smell through aromatherapy can significantly help with feelings of apprehension. Keep a small amount of essentials oils you can smell when you begin to have feelings of uneasiness. You can also use scented products such as lotions, soaps and candles to help surround yourself in calming scents. Some great oils with calming effects are lavender, bergamot and almond oil. Curious about essential oils? See our teens learn the uses of aromatherapy.

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Teen Anxiety 6 quick and easy ways to cope
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