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The Inspirations solution is the “Preferred” solution for teens at risk or teens and families experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Most parents who experience problems with their teens such as refusal to attend school, behavior problems, use of alcohol, marijuana, or other substances, will seek Military School as the solution for their child. As an alternative to Military School , parents now have the option of sending their kids to Inspirations Youth. In our Structured Environment your teen will go through our counseling programs while safely attending an on-site preparatory school program.

As parents of teens we understand your pain, frustration and desperation. Inspirations offers safe opportunities for your teen to graduate from high school and the best opportunity for reuniting the family and protecting the future of your family and teen.

No parent wants to make a bad situation, worse! Your Child is Still Here. Struggling and maybe Lost, but Still Here. He or She needs help now. WITH INSPIRATIONS’ HELP AND YOUR INVOLVEMENT, YOUR CHILD WILL RE-APPEAR AS THE CHILD YOU USED TO KNOW AND LOVE.

Teen Alternative to Military School
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