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Mixing sex with teen alcohol drug abuse increases the chances of unintended pregnancy, and exposure to sexually transmitted infections.

Experts say adolescents should be made aware of how using drugs and alcohol can lead to sexual activities that may change their lives forever. While drinking and having sex may be unofficially authorized milestones in the typical American teen’s coming of age, a new study shows that more and more adolescents are experimenting with both, leaving themselves susceptible to pregnancy, disease and violence.

In a random survey of 1,200 adolescent’s and young adults ages 13 to 24 throughout the United States, the Kaiser Family foundation found 81 percent reported that they have had intercourse, and 50 percent agreed that “people their age” mix alcohol and drugs a lot.

“We knew that teenagers were doing this, but frankly it’s a bit shocking that the numbers were so high,” said Dr. Timothy Johnson, ABC News’ medical editor.

Drinking and doing drugs often leads young people to engage in more sexual activity that they intended to partake in, and more importantly, to unprotected sex, says Joseph Califano, former U.S. secretary of health, education and welfare and president of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia.

How can concerned parents help their teen(s) avoid these hazards of teen alcohol drug abuse and sex?

Califano says the best thing is to get involved. “Parental engagement is probably the most effective way to reduce the risk of smoking, drinking, and doing drugs, and the overwhelming majority of research studies show that teens who are close to their parents are more likely to remain sexually abstinent and postpone intercourse, more likely to use contraceptives if they are sexually active, more likely to have fewer sexual partners, and less likely to become pregnant,” says Califano.

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Teen Alcohol Drug Abuse and Sex don’t mix
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