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Karen Corcoran-Walsh

Inspirations for Youth and Families teen treatment center founder and teen addiction expert, Karen Corcoran-Walsh was featured on Ask Dr. Nandi – a nationally syndicated medical, lifestyle afternoon television show. Karen also appeared on Dr. Phil. The episode: “Teen Drug Abuse,” covered the life of her former client Savannah Miller with her mom Anne Miller at her side. Savannah struggled with teen marijuana abuse and behavioral issues before entering Inspirations for Youth Teen Rehab.

Karen gave advice to Savannah, who is 16-years old and admits to having used marijuana before entering Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab. Her mom, Anne Miller, needed to get help for Savannah when she realized she stole $200 from her. Savannah was initially sent to an alternative school for poor grades when she was 13. She has suffered through a number of mental health issues including ADHD, ODD, anxiety, depression, as well as a bipolar condition. Anne’s mom sent her to Inspirations to treat both her drug abuse and mental behavioral issues, which in the addiction treatment industry is termed Dual Diagnosis.

To view the entire episode with Karen, watch the YouTube video below:

When Karen was asked how Savannah is doing, she responded:

“Savannah is doing great. She is developing healthy coping skills, decision making skills; she has regained her self-esteem and she understands the difference between what her identity is and her place in her family and life with her peers,” said Karen.

Dr. Nandi also asked Karen how she helps teens develop their strength

“We have extensive therapy. We involve family members and we individualize each treatment plan for each teen specifically designed around their special needs. Whether it is mental health or substance abuse and addiction or a combination which would be dual diagnosis. Heavy family involvement is the key, the cornerstone as we have seen here with Anne and Savannah.”

“Anne was very strong by holding her teen accountable. One of the keys to success is empowering parents to understand that they have an obligation and most of all the right to know what is going on with their children and to take action and make changes to save their teens life.”

The good news is that Savannah has completed the program and is doing very well at home.


Teen Addiction Expert on the Ask Dr. Nandi TV Show
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