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“I believe that I have the key to sobriety now,” Kage, an Inspirations teen, said. “I just need to put it in action.”

After receiving treatment at two different teen rehabs, Kage finally began to turn his life around at Inspirations For Youth. He expressed that the way the staff treated him at Inspirations had a lasting impact on him.

“I’ve been to other facilities but none were as open-minded as Inspirations,” he said. “The staff are very experienced and made it fun to be in recovery with other teens like myself.”

Find out how Kage mastered staying sober while at Inspirations

Prior to his time at Inspirations, Kage attended both a lockdown facility and a family therapy boarding school, where he said he was not given the opportunity to grow and better himself.

Inspirations differs from a lockdown facility because we provide teens with a nurturing and therapeutic environment, where they are comfortable and free to find themselves. Kage said during his time at Inspirations he was able to discover who he truly is.

“I’ve learned more about myself, my behaviors and how to maintain sobriety throughout life,” he said.

Kage expressed that the Inspirations staff always takes the time to listen and help teens focus on maintaining sobriety.

“The staff here are really kind and they actually care about what we think,” Kage said. “They talk to us at any moment and help us figure out what we’re going through and how to push through it.”

teen sobriety

Kage and Caron Helfner, Inspirations Clinical Director pose for a quick photo after a guest speaker visit.

Moving forward in sobriety

While at Inspirations, Jordan Meyers, a national recovery advocate, spoke to teens about the hard facts of drug addiction recovery. Kage said that he could relate to the guest speaker’s story because they both used hard drugs and found themselves at rock bottom.


Kage and fellow Inspirations teens stand proud with recovery advocate Jordan Meyers.

“He had to have that low point in life where he knew he had to change and I believe I’m at that point now too,” the teen said. “I’m mature enough and I’m ready to move on with my life.”

After his time at Inspirations, Kage plans on staying sober by attending NA meetings to be encouraged by fellow recovering addicts.

Recovering Teen Addict Finds Key to Sobriety at Teen Rehab
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