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Using music therapy as a part of the recovery process is known to create internal balance, motivation, drive creativity and lift spirits of the clients who participate. Our teens had the opportunity to visit Debonaire Recording Studio and were shown the “ins” and “outs” of how to create a music track in a real life studio environment.

One of our teens Brandon S. also got the opportunity to record a track of his own. We interviewed Brandon on his experience in the studio as well as his stay in Inspirations so far.

Like most teens in a youth drug rehab Brandon also had a hard time adjusting the first couple weeks after being admitted. He even admits how difficult the transition from home to a teen in rehab was for him.

“It’s gotten better, the program works you just have to give it a chance. I didn’t like it when I first got here.”

After fifty days in our recovery program, you can definitely see the change in his attitude from a teen with an intense chip on his shoulder to a respectful and bright teen. Brandon’s transformation can be attributed to our many forms of therapy including music therapy.

Teen in rehab records a song for mom

In music therapy, Brandon has really shined with a natural talent for rap he is known for his skillful wordplay, despite his young age. With the opportunity from our sober fun activity to see how music is created and produced he jumped at the chance when Debonair’s sound engineer asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to record a track.

“I made a song while we were there about everything I was going through while I’m here and how Inspirations has helped me.”

Brandon’s song is an ode to his mother and a testament of his life experiences. He describes the track as something he put his whole heart into.

“I talked about the stuff I was doing like being on the block every day, making bad decisions, breaking the law and how I could’ve ended up. Luckily I got a mom that cares about me and she put me in this program.”

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