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As always Inspirations for Youth and Families music therapy sessions encourage our teens to explore their talents and interests. We held our bi-monthly Talent Show giving our teens a platform for them to display their talents. We had a wide range of musical acts including our teen named Brooks singing a cover of The Girl by City and Colour.

Brianna picks up the show with her soulful rendition of  a song she wrote called Escape. Our teens were really in awe at her natural talent. Normally she gives off a very shy demeanor. She took this opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and tackle one of her aspirations – to be a musical performer. We are extremely proud of Brianna for taking this step and accomplishing her goal of performing in front of an audience.

Check out her show-stealing performance here:

The show continues with an original song written through our music therapy sessions. Julianna perfected her song with her sessions and was able to create this emotionally detailed song highlighting the struggles of her addiction. She and fellow client Alexis performed the original piece together which really hit a note with our teens going through similar problems.

Listen to Julianna’s music therapy inspired original song Lost in the Might here:

The crowd was so moved by her song that they requested an encore. For this performance, she invited more and more fellow clients to sing along. The staff and clients began singing Wonderwall by Oasis together. Even if they didn’t know all the lyrics.

Listen to our version of Wonder wall by Oasis:

After witnessing such an awesome show some of our teens were excited about their next music therapy sessions. One of our teens walked away extremely inspired to foster a new talent hoping to help his recovery.

“Now that I see how their practice paid off I want to try and learn the guitar. I think it will be good for my recovery.”


Interested in our other talented teens and their performances watch our ITV playlist!

Talent show helps teens foster their music therapy talents
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