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Inspirations staff surprise sylvia

Our Inspirations Staff

At Inspirations we believe in treating all our staff like they are our own. We are a community of family and friends who not only provide support for our teen clients but also to our very own Inspirations staff members as well. Although Sylvia hasn’t been a part of our family long we adore her just the same. After moving into a brand new apartment the rest of our Inspirations family members decided to chip in and help celebrate her hard work and new accomplishment by surprising her with house warming gifts.

The Plan

Our plan was simple, get Sylvia into the business office and surprise her with her house warming gifts.

Here is how we pulled it off:

  1. We hid all the gifts in the filing area of our business office
  2. Then we had a fellow Inspirations staff member tell Sylvia to come to the business office at the end of her shift
  3. In order to get everyone together without causing suspicion we told Sylvia when she arrived that HR wanted to have a meeting in the business office
  4. After everyone gathered together we brought the gifts out for her surprise

Sylvia is a very warm hearted individual that has an infectious attitude that can’t help but spread. She’s very positive and always puts a smile on everyone’s face no matter the type of day she’s had. The inspirations staff came together and provided her with a new comforter, towel, and bed sheet set. Sylvia was also gifted a elephant figurine for good luck and a congratulatory card.

Watch our surprise plan unfold here:

Catch Sylvia in our Inspirations staff video here.

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