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Summer substance awareness program makes a difference in teens lives

If your teen is struggling with mental health issues, such as depression, or substance abuse issues, this summer is the perfect time to get them the help they need.  In a therapeutic, learning environment, your teen will be able to learn how to cope with and overcome problems they may be facing, while also getting back on track in school. Inspirations’ life-altering summer program includes various engaging activities, such as creative expression, career exploration, nutrition, mindfulness, financial responsibility, therapy sessions, critical thinking and individual tutoring.

Creative, Artistic and Musical Expression, in combination with Summer Reading

In our summer program, we encourage reading by using creative and artistic expression; through art, poetry, movement, music, design, short plays, videos, and other avenues. This activity not only promotes reading, but fulfills teens need to express, create, and be heard.

Brain Building and Critical Thinking Skills

Teens can build memory and critical thinking skills with computer-based ‘games’ that teach while you play!


“You are what you eat” During our nutrition activities, we will go over healthy eating habits, the benefits of juicing, cooking demonstrations and interactive participation.  Additionally, teens will be producing, “How to” cooking videos, where clients show their acquired skills.


Teens learn to cope with teenage stress through meditation, aromatherapy and breathing techniques.

Summer Life Skills

The summer life skills program mixes real-life material, such as career exploration and financial understanding and responsibility. It will begin with a discovery of personality traits and which careers may suit each personality. Teens will be introduced to math applications in topics, such as payroll, credit and debit cards, mortgage and loan financing, college loans, and budgeting to live independently. The impactful lessons will last one week per unit. The material will come from various sources including a high school financial algebra text and CD programs from the FDIC.


Computer Lab:  Introduction to Online Education

More schools, districts, and states are beginning to adopt the option of online education. The summer is a great time for teens to be exposed to and learn how to navigate an online education program. Teens may have the opportunity to take online classes in a variety of subjects to earn credits. Classes include Math, Science, English, Economics, Basic Computer Programming, Personal Finance, and many more! For teens that have gotten behind in credits, online education through Florida Virtual School can help them get back on track before the next school year begins. Check out the FLVS class selection!  We have been affiliated with FLVS for over 10 years!


Summer is the best time to prep for the SAT, ACT, or GED.

GED – TABE test and official GED testing can be arranged and done while in the summer program.

Individual tutoring

Tutoring is available in all subjects.  This is a great way to improve your skills in any area before the new school year.  Statistics show one hour of tutoring is equal to 4 hours in the classroom.

Summer substance awareness program makes a difference in teens lives
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