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Resisting drug temptation
When former addicts return to their homes and normal routines the temptation to use drugs or alcohol can become overwhelming. Without a proper plan  many addicts will relapse back into their destructive behaviors or patterns despite their good intentions. Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) preps our teens for a successful transition back into their homes and lives.

We asked our teens to write their plan of action that they will implement upon returning home. This blogging therapy exercise helps them to visualize how they will be living after treatment and also teaches them to how to prepare and successfully map out their future.

Here is a blog from an IYF teen about resisting drug temptation when he returns home

“What will I do to avoid temptation when I get home? I’ll start off by just worrying about myself and nobody else. I’ll get up early every day and I’ll get a job and work hard. I’ll finish school. I’ll rebuild my parents trust and show them respect,” said Brennon.

“In doing all of this I’ll keep myself busy that way I’ll be too busy to even feed into any temptation I might get. By worrying only about myself and nobody else I’ll be able to work on myself and further change the things about me that need to be changed. Also not worrying about others will avoid conflicts and arguments which will keep me from stressful situations that will make me want to use.”

“Getting up early and starting my day will give me a schedule and setting a bed time will help keep me healthier and happier. It will also help me avoid temptation. Getting a job will give me money I can use to pay back my parents for things and also help me to save money that I will later use to help me fix up a truck that I want.”

“I’d make it louder and cooler by putting in everything including parts myself. I’ll get my high school diploma by continuing to be home schooled then I’ll get a better job and go to college.”

“Rebuilding my parents’ trust and respecting them will take lots of time and effort giving me no time for temptations and knowing that if I feed into the temptations all that worked for nothing.”

– Brennon C, a teen at IYF who shares his plan to resist drug temptation.

Steps on how to fight drug temptation after treatment
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