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Darren Weissman a.k.a. Doctor Dribble is well known for running marathons while dribbling two basketballs – he even broke the Guinness World Record! But when Darren’s not dribbling, he’s visiting sick children in hospitals and volunteering his time coaching aspiring basketball players. “Sponge” Holton, basketball player for the University of West Virginia, even lived with Darren for a short period of time when he was in high school because his home was overcrowded. Darren was able to help Sponge with his basketball career and with his education.

Darren loves guest speaking at schools and camps where he teaches kids that anything is possible. He was even awarded Unique Me Magazine’s “Man with Heart” award. We believe that Darren deserves the South Florida Inspiration award for all of his dedicated work with youth in each community that he visits. Inspirations was pleased to honor Darren at the Miami Dolphins vs. Atlanta Falcons home game on September 22, 2013.

South Florida Inspiration – Darren Weissman a.k.a. Dr. Dribble
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