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My name is Sophie and I am an addict.

I have never had a bad life; I grew up in a very fortunate family. I’ve always been given everything and anything I wanted, which I know now was a major contributor to my addiction. I’ve always been the little girl with an attitude; my mom says she could see it in me from the day I was born.

I was in 8th grade when I picked up my first alcoholic drink. I was out with friends in a New York state park. The fun didn’t last long because I got caught by the police. That night was only just the beginning of my problems. I continued going to parties, drinking a lot, and not caring about what I was doing or who I was hurting. I also became very promiscuous.

I continued drinking and partying until I was in 10th grade. That year I became friends with this girl who I knew was a bad influence. We were toxic for each other. The girl and I experimented with cocaine, which later became my favorite drug. I began stealing money from my parents, pawning things, and selling prescription medications to get cash to pay for drugs.

My parents finally caught on to what was happening and kicked me out of the house. I lived at a homeless shelter for a few days. The only thing I could think about was leaving that place. Now you might think that was the end of my drug addiction. However, it was just another beginning.

After leaving the homeless shelter I went back home. I continued partying and using cocaine. Finally eleventh grade rolled around and I tried crack cocaine for the first time. Crack cocaine became my drug of choice because it was a better rush than regular cocaine. It came on so much faster. I did this on a daily basis, and my “best friend” at the time was encouraging my drug abuse.

My parents decided to send me to a teen rehab center called Inspirations for Youth and Families in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was raped the weekend before I was supposed to leave. It was very traumatic and I knew I needed help.

I came to Inspirations teen rehab and stayed for three months. I received excellent help there. After I left I went back home and didn’t keep up with my after-care program. I also stopped going to AA meetings and working the 12 steps. I quickly became addicted to heroin, my new favorite drug. It took control of my life. I was using heroin on a regular basis and the track marks were ridiculous. I was able to continue deceiving my parents and they believed everything was ok.

Eventually my mom realized what was going on and she kicked me out again. I was living with different people, just hopping from house to house. I ended up blacking out after taking molly (pure MDMA), Ketamine, and Xanax. I left the house where I was, shot up heroin, and called my dad crying. He came and picked me up. We waited until my state testing was over and I went back to Inspirations Teen Rehab. This time I took it seriously because it was a life or death situation. I knew I would end up dead if I didn’t get help. I stayed at Inspirations for 48 days.

Today, I’m living a healthy life in recovery. I keep in touch with everyone from Inspirations for Youth and Families and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to change my life.

Sophie’s Story
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