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It’s very hard to recognize the before and after pictures of Demetrio (above), an Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehab success story. After several unsuccessful stints at other adolescent drug rehab treatment centers, Demetrio’s mom, Ania, found IYF. Prior to discovering Inspirations, she was in desperation mode.

“I can honestly tell you after having horrible experiences with other residential programs, Inspirations has been a great experience for him,” said Ania.

Interview Transcripts with Demetrio and his Mom about his Drug Rehab Treatment

Ania: Hi My name is Ania and I’m Demtrio’s mom and he was here for 77 days. He has done so well. The people (Inspirations) here are wonderful. They’ve taken such good care of him. If you could only see what he looked like before to what he looks like now, even his outside is different.

I can honestly tell you after having horrible experiences with other residential programs, this has been a great experience for him.

Ania, Mother of Teen in Recovery

When he got here, he was always negative, he was depressed, something that the other residential programs did not catch up on. He’s completely different. Lopez Brown, Demetrio’s primary therapist and Denise Aschee, the education director were able to catch on to that.

Ania: They were able to get him on medication and that completely changed him. So now he’s positive. He’s going to school. He’s attending his NA meetings. And he’s not complaining about anything. He actually wants to do better and is dying to finish his GED to come back here with it and show it to Denise and Lopez.

Teen drug recovery image after Drug Rehab Treatment

Demetrio with Lopez Brown, his Primary Therapist

Demetrio: Before I started the program, I was sitting in Juvenile Detention and I didn’t really like my life. I didn’t really like myself. I wasn’t really doing anything positive for myself. Basically, the only thing I was doing was dealing drugs. I didn’t even want to look myself in the mirror sometimes because I suffered with depression.

When I came to the Inspirations a couple of weeks later, I was still really depressed. And my therapist and Denise noticed it. They brought in Anderson, one of the nurses and they said that I should start taking Lexapro which is an anti-depressant. Once I started taking that, my whole demeanor changed. And the way I acted changed. Even the way I thought changed.

Demetrio wanted to better himself

I wanted to better myself. And it was not for my family members. Or somebody else. But for me. And that’s how I was able to recover. Because I wanted to better myself the most. So I started working towards being a better person. And I was doing everything in the program. I was even a peer leader.

Basically, I’m just really happy now that this program came into my life.

Demetrio, Inspirations proud teen after successful recovery

And now I am studying for my GED. Also, I am in an outpatient program. My therapist says she sees such a difference from my first day at Inspirations. Now, during my therapy sessions, I am talking more and not anxious anymore. Believe it or not, I actually want to be in therapy. Basically, I’m just really happy now that this program came into my life.

Before Inspirations, I went to two programs and I got kicked out of both of them. I kind of feel like God put me in this program so I can do much better in life.

Inspirations for Youth and Families: What was the problem at the other programs?

Demetrio: It was the staff. The staff didn’t care about you like [people] in this drug rehab treatment program do.

Inspirations’ Staff made the Difference

Ania: The staff at those other places were not prepared to deal with children that are depressed. And that have problems with drugs. They’re basically there to [treat you] sort of like you are in prison. So they treat them badly. They speak to them without respect. And then they expect the kids to be respectful. Alternatively, I found here was the complete opposite. At Inspirations, my son was treated as if I had left him with a family member. When I went home I felt comfortable. And I was never afraid of him being here.

Demetrio: At Inspirations, every single staff member wants to have a connection with you. It is not uncommon for the staff to say nice things to me like I missed you on my day off. It’ stuff like that that makes you feel more comfortable while you’re dealing with this type of situation, being away from home and all that.Demetrio after Drug Rehab Treatment with behavioral tech

Now I have my life on track. I’m going to get my GED and then go to college. After that, I was thinking about maybe going to law school or becoming a therapist. To become a therapist, I feel like I can connect with my clients because I’ve already been through their experiences. Or if I’m a lawyer, I’ve been in a lot of legal issues. So I’m kind of comfortable with that too. And I want to help people get out of bad situations.

Lopez Brown: I just want to say that when Demetrio came in he was a totally different kid. After he was discharged, Ania sent me a beautiful picture of him. And the picture means so much to me. It makes me so proud. He’s so happy, he’s glowing. Demetrio is just like a different kid from when he came in.

If you would have saw him when he first came in, he was like the one in the corner, looking at you with a mean look on his face. And he would look at everybody with this mean look. It was so hard to approach him. But, like so many other kids here, eventually he opened up. And he is having a successful recovery.

Demetrio finds a home at his Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Upon the conclusion of the interview, Demetrio joked that he did not want to leave IYF. But his mom, despite loving the program had other ideas.

Yeah no I don’t want you to go back to Inspirations. I want you to stay home,” Ania replied. “If you come back that means there’s trouble so no coming back. Only to visit.”


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