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drug addiction now what

One of your worst nightmares is now a reality – your child is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Most parents in this situation often find themselves at a loss and unsure of what to do next. There are many ways to handle your child’s drug addiction.

Here are the best ways to handle your teen’s drug or alcohol addiction:

1. Talk to your teen

Whether you choose to speak to your teen one-on-one or through an experienced interventionist you will need to confront your teens’ drug abuse. Many teens are screaming for help in ways you may not be aware. Others are blind to the negative impact of being addicted and require an intervention to set things straight.

2. Do your research

When you find out about your teen’s drug addiction, your first course of action is to do your research! Find out all you can about your teen’s drug problem as well as his or her drug of choice. Addiction is an illness like any other. If your teen suddenly was diagnosed with a disease you would do all you can about it

3. Seek out help

After all, your research is complete you and you determine your teen’s addiction needs professional attention, at this stage, you should be reaching out to various treatment centers that can help your teen recover. Treatment centers such as Inspirations for Youth and Families are widely known for their uniquely successful approach to treatment. Speak with treatment centers and professionals about the type of treatment plans they offer as well as their aftercare plans.

4. Does your teen need an intervention?

If your teen is adamantly against treatment then the next course of action should involve staging an intervention and hiring an interventionist to escort your teen to drug rehab if needed.

5. Get them help

While talking to your teen you should have a treatment plan prepared. Once their drug abuse has been addressed inform your teen of their treatment options and together choose the one best suited for their needs. For teens that are still in denial about their addiction choose the best treatment option and have them admitted. Don’t forget to look into treatment programs that offer aid to your teen even after they’ve been discharged.

6. Be an active participant in their treatment

While your teen is receiving treatment as a parent you should be fully involved in the process. There are too many facilities who offer teens help but neglect their family in the process. Addiction affects everyone not just the person with the substance abuse disorder. Take this time to work together as a family and gain a better understanding of the addiction.

7. Provide continued support throughout their recovery

Once your teen completes treatment, their job has only just begun. Recovery is a long-term commitment that requires unconditional support. Make sure your teen goes to 90 AA or NA meetings in the first ninety days after rehab, have a therapist that connects with him or her, and take one day at a time moving forward in their journey to an everlasting recovery.

8. Enroll in an alumni program

Another key tip is to enroll your teen in the rehabs aftercare or alumni program. An alumni program serves as a platform where your teen can still receive help and care from the staff they already know and love. Alumni Programs create positive communities for those who have successfully completed treatment. These programs allow those in recovery to share their story, ask for help and gain support. Check out Inspirations awesome alumni program and what we have to offer!

So your teen has a drug addiction now what?
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