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Brandon Scott performing a soundtrack at Debonaire Studio

Inspirations teen rehab embarks on a weekly field trip to Debonaire Music Production Studio to actually record and produce songs.

Brandon Scott was one particular teen who rose to the occasion by composing and singing at the studio, which was recorded professionally at the state-of-the-art sound production studio and perhaps has the tools to become a future rap star. Debonaire is home to many music artists as well as corporations who produce commercials like the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

The teens do not just sit around and watch other people produce soundtracks. They actually use the multi-million dollar equipment. Some of the teens like to sing or play musical instruments while others are more interested in the production side of the industry. And then some are spectators taking it all in and listening to their friends’ music. This music track is part of IYF’s advanced Teen Rehab Music Therapy.

Brandon has since left IYF and most importantly he is succeeding in recovery while continuing to pursue his musical career. Perhaps this is the reason Brandon is doing so well. Who knows. He may be the next R&B star.

“We are extremely thankful for Debonaire – the owner and namesake of the studio – for taking the time from his busy schedule to work with the teens,” said Karen Corcoran-Walsh, owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families as well as the Cove Center for Recovery. “These sessions have been so popular and successful that we decided to have the adults from the Cove Center for Recovery Drug and Alcohol rehab to participate as well.”

This whole program track came to fruition through the efforts of Jean Thomas, an IYF behavioral technician as well as an artist and sound production professional, who has collaborated with Debonaire in the music industry.

As new teens enter IYF on a daily basis, some of them have unique musical talents and are accommodated accordingly by Debonaire Studios. Others acquire new musical skills while at Inspirations.

One teen was quoted as saying that his depression has abated since participating in IYF’s musical therapy.

About Debonaire Studio

Debonaire Recording Studio is a premium recording studio offering superior music productions, recording, mixing and mastering services in a pro facility. It is considered the most modern and affordable recording studio in Fort Lauderdale. Debonaire has earned a strong reputation for providing major label quality recording, mixing and mastering services with a modern fusion of technology and experience.

Debonaire’s impressive client list includes Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Motown Records, and BMG.

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