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When a person in recovery relapses and needs to go back to drug rehab – it is an extremely difficult decision for him, her, or a family to make and a daunting challenge in one’s life – to say the least.

But what happens if someone goes on a pleasure trip while in rehab. Sounds like a bizarre scenario, however, this actual event occurred recently at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab.

More specifically, IYF was invited as a guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi afternoon, health, life-style program that is aired nationally as well as in 80 countries. The program’s producer was planning a television segment on teen vaping and IYF happened to have a client (Christian) that was not only a phenomenal musician/actor that was great in front of the camera; he coincidentally was being treated for teen vaping.

Christian was also a peer leader and conducted himself in an exemplary fashion from the day he entered IYF. So we asked him and his parents if he would like to be on national television and their answer was a resounding yes.

To make a long story short or a short story long; we took Christian to Detroit with a whole entourage for three days and besides him “knocking the interview out of the ball park,” admirably on the taping of the show; he had the time of his life. He took in a Detroit Tigers baseball game, dined at expensive restaurants, stayed at the most luxurious hotel in the city, and was chauffeured around by a limo service.

This all sounds great for Christian until he returned to rehab and had to adjust to more modest living conditions.

Well predictably Christian did have a tough time getting “back in the saddle” his first few days back at IYF. He will be the first to admit, however, he successfully made the transition.

Well predictably Christian did have a tough time getting “back in the saddle” his first few days back at IYF. He will be the first to admit

One thing Christian may not be aware of is that he received a sneak preview at the real world before his actual discharge date and he passed the test with flying colors. When he was at the baseball game, he walked by beer vendors and saw people consuming alcoholic beverages.

When I asked Christian if he felt vulnerable, he replied confidently and said that he felt comfortable in his own skin. Some day very soon Christian will be faced with many challenges when he returns home. He will see other teens consuming alcohol or possibly smoking marijuana. There is no doubt it will be a difficult test for Christian to pass, but at least he had a head start by going on a once-in-a-life-time trip.

We at IYF are very proud of Christian for performing so well on national television. But we are even more proud of the fact that he was brave enough to go on such a difficult trip, especially in those circumstances.


Returning to drug rehab is never easy
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