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teens at Inspirations drug rehab


With Christmas being a week away our teens at Inspirations drug rehab were in the holiday spirit and decorated ornaments for our Inspirations for Youth and Families Christmas tree. The holidays tend to be a very melancholy time for those in treatment especially teens. However, Inspirations for Youth and Families had a great day of festive and cheerful activity.

Our teens each created ornaments that would reflect their personal style. Each ornament is unique to the clients as some represent their favorite colors, interests, and spirit. The teens enjoyed creating something of their own for Christmas and all shared their favorite holiday memories. Through this art therapy project our teens in drug rehab were able to express both artistically and verbally how they felt about the holidays and being in treatment during this time of year.

View their gorgeous ornaments here:

Art Therapy at Inspirations drug rehab

Inspirations drug rehab uses art therapy in treatment to allow our clients to express feelings they have difficulty communicating. Our therapists are also able to analyze their art and gain an understanding of the clients’ mental state.

This artistic expression also promotes:

  • Self-discovery
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Empowerment

Here are some other ways to create your own ornaments:

  1. Washi Tape – Use Washi tape to cover the ornament in a fun and festive design
  2. Ribbons – Hot glue ribbons onto your ornament to create a exciting new piece
  3. Snow Flake – Hot glue snow flakes onto an ornament for a classy look
  4. Scene Ornament – Paint a winter wonderland on your ornament
  5. Tinsel – Cut a piece of tinsel and slip into a clear ornament for a new look
  6. Sticker Ornament- Paste stickers onto a clear or colored ornament to spell out your Christmas spirit
  7. Yarn Ornament- Wrap an ornament with festive yarn to create a warm and rustic ornament

Tips courtesy of Better Homes

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