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Reaching teens who struggle with addiction

    Jordan Meyers (center) holds up words of encouragement with a band from the Warped Tour.

The Warped Tour is a traveling rock festival that has attracted thousands of concertgoers, for decades. This year,  Inspirations For Youth and Families is utilizing the tour for reaching teens with drug addiction.

We have taken part on the tour to ensure that teens who are dealing with substance abuse are not alone.

Jordan Meyers, an Inspirations representative, is traveling with the festival to discuss anxiety, depression and substance abuse with teens. Also, he is informing teens and parents of Inspirations drug and mental health rehabilitation services.

While on the tour, Meyers discovered that there are others who are offering substance abuse assistance. MusiCares, a nonprofit organization, is holding meetings every night for those who deal with addiction.

Watch Inspirations reach teens with drug addiction


It was only a few years ago when Meyers turned to substance abuse because of his depression and anxiety. After fighting his addiction for a couple of years, Meyers recovered in 2014.

“The teenagers [who have substance abuse issues] that go to the show, they don’t understand the severity of their addiction because it’s so masked to them by their depression and anxiety. They’re not correlating the two,” he said. “They’re not understanding that they have a problem with drugs and alcohol. And that they’re just using it as a crutch to hide their feelings.”

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Meyers proudly supports Inspirations For Youth

After visiting Inspirations and hearing positive feedback from former clients, Meyers was eager to inform others about Inspirations.

“When I walked in the Inspirations offices, I got to speak to some of the clinicians. I spoke to them about the program and how intensely they work with each individual client. I learned that they’re very adamant about working with their clients on furthering their education.”

Meyers shared that he is glad that he can inform people about Inspirations.

“When I meet people, I advocate for Inspirations For Youth and Families. I talk about the program and offer a sign of hope for these families that there are places out there that can help provide the tools necessary to get their children back on track and [help them] be successful in life,” Meyers said. “I think Inspirations For Youth and Families is a great place.”

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