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            We covered uncommon drugs before, however this article is an in depth look at Xylazine (pictured below), a drug currently being abused only in Puerto Rico. 
            Xylazine is a veterinarian medicine; it’s a non-opiate sedative and muscle relaxant certified only for use on animals. Pharmaceutical drugs are frequently abusedby those looking to get high. However illicit drug manufacturers in Puerto Rico have found another use for Xylazine. They are using it to increase the potency of heroin. After cutting the heroin with Xylazine, dealers sell the heroin to drug addicts who then become addicted to Xylazine (in addition to heroin). A small study by researchers in Puerto Rico was  recently published in the Journal of Urban Health. The study examined old syringes drug addicts had used for injecting heroin. The scientists detected Xylazine, cocaine, and heroin in 90% of the syringes. The researchers also realized that many Xylazine users had no idea they were abusing the drug. 
             The use of Xyalzine in humans is not well documented and the long-term health risks are relatively unknown.  However, a June 2012 study published in the Journal of Urban Health found that users of the drug had a high incident of skin ulcers, abscess and other skin lesions, as well as strong odors coming from the breath and from the subject’s perspiration.
          Another study published online by Rafeale A. Torruella describes how a heroin addict felt after taking the drug. The addict, who was referred to as Pipo, said he fell asleep face first for five hours and then was unable to remember what happened.  Pipo also said he felt withdrawal symptoms from stopping the use of Xylazine.
          Xylazine is a relatively new drug of abuse and it is already knocking on our doors here in the USA. The “zombie drug” has caused physical and psychological symptoms and most users are hooked after only a few times. Does this sound familiar? It sounds very similar to heroin, which is interesting because drug dealers are already adding Xylazine to their heroin supplies. The most important tool we have in this war on drugs is education – if you don’t know about the drug then you don’t know the effects and you WON’T know if your child is abusing it.
          Do you know of any uncommon drugs? Have you had an experience using Xylazine or another unknown drug? Please contact us at Inspirations for Youth and Families Teen Rehab and we can help you. Call (888) 757-6237.
Puerto Rico’s "Zombie Drug"
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