Teen Intervention Addiction Rehab

Teen Intervention Addiction Rehab

The cornerstone of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) Teen Intervention Addiction Rehab program is the work of the renowned interventionists. We have over 10 years of experience handling addiction clients and conducting interventions. With a background in addiction counseling, psychology and public speaking, our intervention team consists of the perfect candidates to help your teen realize the danger they are putting themselves in.

For more than a decade, Inspirations addiction treatment has helped thousands of teens recover. However, we have witnessed the challenges parents have faced to convince their children to undergo treatment. But with our intervention team, countless parents were able to bypass the struggle and chaos of sending their teen to treatment, involuntarily. Our interventionists settle the confusion and assure that each teen arrives at the treatment center safely. Often, teens are in denial about their addiction. Many do not understand what has led them to their addiction and troublesome behavior.  The teen may be struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Trauma or a lack of appropriate coping skills might also be the underlying issues. An intervention is the best way to get a reluctant teen into treatment and help them overcome their addiction and behavioral issues.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a process of uniting loved ones, related to or friends of an individual struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription drug addiction. An intervention is necessary when an individual having a hard time with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription drug addiction is in denial of the problem, yet the chaos and destruction of behaviors is evident to loved ones, family and friends.

Teen Intervention Steps (How to Do a Teen Intervention)

Step 1.


The Pre-Intervention Step is the time in which you decide you can’t take this behavior, chaos and self-destruction anymore. This is the time when you take action. You, loved ones, family and friends, plan to unite to discuss the next steps. During this step, you will contact the Interventionist to discuss the history you’ve experienced with the individual who is struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and/or prescription drug addiction. Once you’ve contacted the Interventionist, the following steps are easier and guided by your Interventionist, who will give you support, validate your concerns and provide guidance throughout the Intervention process.

Step 2.


The Intervention Step is the act of the Intervention. At this time, everyone involved in the Intervention will gather in one location. Everything will have been planned and discussed with your Interventionist. Your letters will be ready. Your loved one will arrive or will be sleeping and then awaken by you or another individual. The Intervention, at that time, will begin. You might encounter an angry, surprised or defensive loved one. You might have a difficult time or an easy time, sharing your intentions of this Intervention. Your loved one might even refuse to participate and leave the location.

If your loved one agrees to stay and proceed with the Intervention, he/she will sit in a chair and will be instructed as to the purpose of the Intervention and the steps that will follow. Communication is extremely important. Loving, positive, yet firm and direct communication is imperative.

Everyone will read their letters. Many of the letters will refer to the destruction caused by alcohol addiction, drug addiction and/or prescription drug addiction. Letters will be emotional and typically include painful memories of the chaos of addiction. Once the letters have been read, your loved one will have an opportunity to respond. The Interventionist will facilitate this entire process, re-directing as needed.

The final step of the Intervention is to explain that your loved one’s bags are packed and ready for his/her treatment program. Transportation will be waiting.

Everyone will say their goodbyes and your loved one will leave with the Interventionist for the beginning of the addiction treatment program.

Step 3.


Post-Intervention for the alcoholic or addict begins with the transportation to an addiction treatment facility. Post-Intervention for the family of the alcoholic or addict begins, once the loved one has departed the Intervention location. During the Post-Intervention, family members and friends discuss their experience and validate their letters, feelings and concerns. It is the beginning of a hopeful and healing journey to recovery for the alcoholic or addict and family and friends.