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Teen Interventions

What is a Teen Intervention?

Often when teens get in the habit of abusing drugs, they do not realize that their use has turned into a problem. Their loved ones, however, do. Consequently, they may need to step up and let the teen know that they are in danger. To host an intervention, you need to gather family, friends, and others who care about the individual. This group needs to then write down their thoughts and fears involving the loved one, and present it to them in a calm, united matter. The goal is to make sure the teen realizes they do need help.


Why choose Inspirations to conduct yours?
Saving a teen from addiction and denial about that addiction is difficult. Experience makes the process easier, and Inspirations has more than ten years of that experience. Our intervention team has faced every challenge in the book. They have also helped countless parents to bypass the struggle and chaos of sending their teen to treatment involuntarily. Our team has a background in addiction counseling, psychology and public speaking. They are happy to help you during a process that is often challenging and heartbreaking.


What to expect:
After doing this for many years, we have broken this difficult process down to a science, made up of 3 steps.

Step 1: Pre-Intervention

This is where you gather family and friends who share in your belief that it is time to stop your loved one’s behavior of chaos and self-destruction. Together, you must make a plan on how to handle your next step. Our Interventionist will aid you in creating that plan so that you can approach your teen in the most effective way possible. During this step, you will plan the day and time of your intervention. You will prepare letters for that day, and determine exactly what problems you will be discussing with your teen.


Step 2: Intervention

During this time, everyone involved in step 1 must meet in one place, letters in hand. It is time for the actual intervention. Assuming your loved one agrees to stay and proceed, you will then have them sit in a chair and inform them of the reason for the intervention. It is extremely important that everyone in the room uses communication that is loving and positive, but also firm and direct.

Once your loved one is seated, everyone must read their letters. Often, they will refer to the destruction caused by the addiction, painful memories and fears of the future. After the letters have been read, the teen will have an opportunity to respond.This entire process, will be facilitated by your Inspirations Interventionist. After your teen has a chance to speak, you must let them know that his/her bags are packed, and transportation is waiting; it is time for them to go to the treatment center.  Some things to keep in mind during this step are that:

  •      Communication is extremely important
  •      Your teen may be angry, surprised or defensive when they realize what you’re saying
  •      They may even refuse to participate and leave 


Step 3: Post Intervention

For the patient: They will be transported to the treatment facility.

For the family and friends: Everyone will discuss their experience. This is a time to validate their feelings, the things they said in their letters and their concerns about the future. It is important to remember and announce that this is the beginning of a hopeful and healing journey to recovery for the person you all love.

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