Teen Educational Program

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Inspirations Teen Educational Program recognizes troubled teens and the relationship between drug abuse, behavioral issues and academic performance. In response, Inspirations For Youth and Families has created an individualized academic program approach to working with teens in treatment. The classroom setting provides for highly personal attention and focus on each teen’s academic goals. The student teacher ratio is 8 to 1; further enhancing each student’s learning opportunity and experience while going through addiction or behavioral therapy.

Teen Educational ProgramInspirations Academic Program provides teens in our residential drug, alcohol and behavioral treatment center the opportunity to continue their high school academics and keep on track or get back on track while in treatment. Inspirations acts as the liaison between the school and client to develop an academic plan to ensure academic success. Transcripts are assessed and a plan is put in place. Inspirations manages academics from the school of origin, administers education in the core subjects, accommodates online learning in our computer lab. In addition, Inspirations Academy has an affiliation with Florida Virtual School for course credits or credit recovery for those who have failed a class.


Educational Services Provided:

  • In-class instruction of the core subjects – Transcripts with grades in progress are sent to the school of origin at discharge.
  • Tutoring is available in all subject areas – This allows the teen to improve in areas where they struggle.
  • Florida Virtual School – Provides online instruction. Inspirations Academy has an affiliation with FLVS to earn credits or re-take classes they have failed.
  • GED Prep – Assessment and preparation are given to those preparing for the official GED exam.
  • ACT and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) preparation
  • College Prep – If teen has already received their high school diploma, we encourage preparing a college essay for the application process, looking at colleges of interest, taking a pre-college course through FLVS or pre-certification in Microsoft Excel and/or PowerPoint is offered.

Inspirations has been the catalyst for many teens’ graduation and witnessed their successful completion of academic programs and transition into college.