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Teen Detox

Teen Detox Program – Inspirations for Youth and Families

While some teens do not require detox, more serious addictions to prescription opiates, depressants, alcohol and heroin can require detoxification prior to treatment at a rehab center. In order for rehab to be successful in these cases, the client will need to rid his or her body of the many toxins found in drugs and alcohol making teen detox and important step in the process.

How long does detox last?

The detox process varies will usually last for 3-7 days, depending on how frequently drugs or alcohol were abused. During this time, the client is monitored by a team of doctors and nurses. Most people experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms including cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, fever, achy bones and muscles, and headaches. Doctors will be able to prescribe non-addictive medications to help ease the more severe symptoms. We do NOT recommend home detox because some withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and may include seizure, heart attack, stroke and even death.

After Detox

After the detox process is complete, clients in our teen detoxification program will begin rehab at our treatment center. Our treatment combines:

  • Recreational sports
  • Group therapy
  • Daily NA and/or AA meetings
  • Educational field trips
  • Motivational speakers
  • Outings to museums, movie theaters, the beach and more
  • Private meetings with an addiction counselor

We also provide family therapy as part of our program. Family support is imperative for the recovering addict’s overall well-being. Drug and alcohol addiction wreaks havoc on the entire family; we work to repair the damage that was done.

Teen Detox

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