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Summer Rehab Program

 What is the Inspirations Back-on-Track Summer Rehab Program?

The Inspirations Back-on-Track Summer Education Program is headlined by its national leading Educational Academy, which allows kids to improve their current academic standing while receiving treatment as well as learn valuable life skills. Inspirations Back-on-Track rounds the program with some good old wholesome fun including beach trips, baseball games, drama classes, and deep sea fishing excursions to name a few.

Who should attend Inspiration’s Back-on-Track Program?

      Teens Who Are…

  •  At-Risk
  •  Who Need to Catch Up in School
  •  Suffering from Drug or Alcohol Abuse

About Inspirations Academy

Inspirations Academy is a private school registered with the department of education as a residential interim school. Here, our educators are carefully selected and prepared to work with the most challenging student or the most advanced. Also, we provide In-classroom instruction and one-on-one tutoring is available in all core subjects.

Now that passing an online class is a graduation requirement, in most states, we offer online classes for credits and are available year-round through our affiliation with Virtual Schools in most states. Virtual schools has a great selection from driver’s education to preparing for Microsoft Excel certification.  At discharge, transcripts are sent to the school of origin with grades in progress.

Meet our Education Director

denise achee director of educationOur education director, Denise Achée, has developed and pioneered the educational program at Inspirations since its inception seven years ago. Achée works as the liaison between the parents, teens, and their perspective schools. Together they work to devise an academic plan, with the intention to keep the teens on track academically or get them back on track while in treatment. Each teen’s learning style is assessed and a curriculum devised to coincide with their treatment.

How to enroll?

Call: 844-827-1841 | Email:

Inspirations Academy begins on June 8th but will be running through-out the entire summer. There’s not much time left to enroll your idle teen in the perfect place to learn, mature and have some fun.

For more information, contact Education Director Denise Achee at (954) 376-4783 ext. 206 or by email at

Why Inspirations for Youth Teen Rehab Summer Camp?
  • Teaches teens life skills to survive in today’s world like exploring your inner-self, anti-bullying and of course substance abuse awareness
  • The program is centered on Inspiration’s national leading teen alcohol and drug abuse treatment center
  • Has an affiliation with the Florida Virtual School (FLVS)
  • Receive one free FLVS with a $350 value for out of state residents
  • Credit Remediation – (Catch up on missed classes)
  • Credit Acceleration – (Get ahead on your class-work)
  • Supervised state-of-the-art computer lab
What will your teen be learning?

Here is a sampling of what will be offered academically at the Back-on-track summer program:


As a group, teens will read several books from standard high school summer reading lists. As they are reading, they will be building vocabulary skills by underlining and defining words. By reading as a group, teens will be improving their word recognition and pronunciation while also expanding their vocabulary. The last 10 minutes will focus on summarizing what they have read as well as a group discussion of relevant topics in literature.

Brain Building and Critical Thinking Skills

Teens can build memory and critical thinking skills with computer-based ‘games’ that teach while you play!


You are what you eat! Nutrition exposes teens to healthy eating habits, the benefits of juicing, cooking demonstrations and interactive participation including “How To” video creation, filmed by and starring teens!

Summer Life Skills

The summer life skills program will be a mix of real life material such as career exploration and financial understanding and responsibility. It will begin with a discovery of personality traits and which careers may suit each personality. Teens will be introduced to math applications in topics such as payroll, credit and debit cards, mortgage and loan financing, college loans, and budgeting to live independently.

The lessons will last no more than one week per unit so that new teens coming in will not require prior knowledge. The material will come from various sources including a high school financial algebra text and CD program from the spell out Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Creative & Artistic Interpretations of Summer Reading

Encourage reading through creative outlets and artistic expression. Through art, poetry, movement, music, design, short plays, video and other avenues we explore an individual’s need to express, create, and be heard.


Teens learn to cope with stress through meditation, chi gong, aromatherapy and breathing techniques.

Through a mix of real life material including career exploration, financial understanding, and personal responsibility, teens will develop skills to use in their everyday lives. Education: Earn credits! Get back on track! Get ahead!

Computer Lab: Introduction to Online Education

With more and more schools, districts, and states beginning to adopt the option of online education, the summer is a perfect time for teens to be exposed to and learn how to navigate an online education program. We have been affiliated with Florida Virtual School (FLVS) for over 10 years so check out their class selection!


Summer is a great time to prep for the SAT, ACT or GED. Prep courses are provided throughout the summer.

TABE test and official GED testing can be arranged and completed while here.

Individual tutoring

A great way to improve skills in any area before the new school year, individual tutoring is offered in all subjects. Statistics show one hour of tutoring is equal to four hours in the classroom.


About Florida Virtual School
    Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an online public school where you can access more than 120 courses, ranging from Geometry to AP Art History and everything in between. What’s more, the courses are just as real as the dedicated, certified teachers who teach them. And best of all, you can take its virtual courses in Florida or out-of-state.

  • Career Research and decision making
  • Critical Thinking & study skills
  • Dave Ramsey’s foundations in personal finance
  • Economics with financial literacy
  • Law studies
  • Life management skills
  • Outdoor education
  • Peer counseling 1
  • Personal fitness
  • Psychology 1
  • Reading for college success
  • United States government
  • Driver’s Ed & traffic safety

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