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Treatment for Teen Cutting


Our team of experienced therapists at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) will help your teen to address and realize how they are abusing themselves by cutting and the steps they can take to get better. We offer personalized treatment that is specific to your teen and the issues related to them.

What is teen cutting?

 Teen cutting is the use of a sharp object to penetrate or scratch the skin enough to bleed. This is performed by teens usually on their wrists, arms, legs or stomach. These areas are targeted as common places because they are easy to reach and are the easiest places to hide or cover up the injuries. Cutting is a form of self injury that can take place in early teens and if left untreated can carry into adulthood.

Why do teens cut?
Those who injure themselves through cutting often do so to cope with distressing emotions, upsetting relationship problems or as a form of relief. By cutting themselves teens experience a sense of release or gratification from expressing oneself.

Signs your teen may be cutting:

  • Unexplainable cuts on their body
  • Always wearing long sleeves or pants in hot weather
  • Teens regularly locking themselves in a room or bathroom for an extended period of time
  • Finding multiple sharp objects in a teens room

Why get help?
Teen cutting can lead to a wide array of medical implications such as cutting deep enough to need hospitalization. Also re-using unsanitary sharp objects to cut themselves can lead to infections and compulsive behavior. This may have started as a habit to feel better but can eventually trick the brain into thinking the user needs to cut in order to experience relief and become a serious compulsive disorder.

Treatment for Teen Cutting
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