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Treatment for Self Burning


Another harmful technique of self injury involves burning which is a sign of other serious mental illnesses. The Inspirations team prides itself on its unique and tailored treatment plans created by our esteemed staff of doctors and clinicians. This plan is formed by assessing the individual needs and issues the teens are facing to properly assist them in making healthier choices and expressing themselves in a nondestructive way.

What is burning?

The act of burning also known as branding is self injuring yourself by using an open flame, chemicals, or friction by rubbing two objects together and then touching yourself with it. An example of this behavior could be to rub a pencil against a desk until it is hot and touching a part of your body with the hot pencil to inflict pain.Those who participate in this form of self injury, replace devastating emotional pain with physical pain to provide themselves with relief from feeling emotionally numb. This destructive behavior also stems from the need to control one’s emotions.

How to know if you’re teen is burning:

  • Scars or open wounds caused by burning
  • Wearing long sleeves and pants even in warm weather
  • Claiming to have frequent accidents
  • Unstable and unpredictable behavior

Why get help?

The use of burning or any other self injury practice is a sign of larger issues that need to be treated. Leaving this unattended can lead the disorder into becoming a compulsive behavior that you cannot control and also has serious health repercussions. Inspirations understands the severity of this disorder and has a staff of well trained doctors and clinicians to provide help and the resources possible to help assist each teen.

Treatment for Self Burning
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