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Self Injury Treatment

self injury

At Inspirations we offer an individualized treatment for teens suffering from self injury disorder. Our high skilled team of professionals creates a custom plan ranging from behavioral therapy to psychotherapy for each teen in our self injury youth rehab. These plans are created to encourage teens to live a healthier and happy lives that provides them with real world skills to ensure they can cope with their issues successfully after treatment and upon discharge.

What is self injury?
Self injury is the act of intentionally injuring one’s body and is also known as self mutilation, self harm or cutting. The repercussions of self harm can be tissue damage, scars, or marks on the body to name a few. This disorder is typically done as a solo act and not as a group, which leads teens to cover up or hide what they have done to themselves.

Self harm disorder can be characterized best by the following self-mutilation actions:

  • Cutting
  • Burning
  • Bone breaking
  • Hitting
  • Head banging

What leads to this disorder?
Self mutilation occurs when its users need an escape from a distressing situation or as a form of rebellion. Those who suffer from this condition feel that self injury temporarily relieves them of stress, is a form of controlling their emotions, and can also be used to manipulate others. Those who inflict these injuries may be doing so to gain sympathy or to force guilt onto a person; it is also a sign of asking for help. Not every self injury case is due to a patient’s hatred of themselves, it can be brought on by experiencing abuse and is a form of self punishment.

Some warning signs of self injury include:
Low self esteem
Difficulty handling emotions
Poor performance at work or school
Items they normally would not use may include razors, lighters, and other sharp objects

Why should you get help?
Although it is not considered “suicidal” behavior self injury still needs to be treated because it produces harmful effects and if left untreated self injury can eventually lead to compulsive behavior or life threatening damage. Here at Inspirations we provide teens with the techniques necessary to properly express themselves as well as life skills to help with them coping and controlling their emotions.

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Self Injury Treatment
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