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Assist all Teens’ Religious Preferences through Religion Accommodated Rehabilitation

To many families, religion is an important part of getting better. Accordingly, we strive to include all accommodations necessary to make sure that your loved one is able to integrate their religion into their recovery process.

Jewish Accommodations

Jewish teenagers aged 3-17 are welcome to join our program just for them. This includes:

  •      Education
  •      Sabbath
  •      Rabbi
  •      Kosher food

Other Religions

We have a pastor on-site available to cater to other religious denominations. We offer an authentic Christian-based drug and alcohol addiction rehab for all types of drugs, as well as a program for behavioral issues.

Our expertly crafted religious-individualized care based programs combined with our amazing treatment center create the greatest chance for full recovery for your child.

Religion Accommodated Rehab

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Religion Accommodated | Inspirations for Youth and Families – Teen Rehab
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