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Treatment Hair Pulling Disorder

Inspirations Teen Rehab offers both group and individualized therapy as a part of their customized treatment plans. These and other forms of therapy are provided to ensure teens are taught skills to properly handle stress and recognize the triggers that encourage such an impulsive disorder. Our team is dedicated to stopping this destructive behavior before it leads to other and more life threatening mental disorders.

What is hair pulling?

Hair pulling also known by the medical term Trichotillomania is an impulsive disorder that causes people to willingly pull out their hair when feeling stressed. People with this disorder normally pull the hair from their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, hands and in rare occasion’s pubic area.

What causes hair pulling?

There is no exact reason why teens pull their hair but it has been connected to abnormal pathways in the brain that link habits, impulses, and emotional movement. It has also been noted to be a hereditary disorder.

Warning sign for Trichotillomania:

Trichotillomania can easily be spotted on teens through hair loss and scabs on the scalp. People also excessively wear hats or scarves and may avoid social situations due to embarrassment from hair loss.

Why get help?

Not treating trichotillomania can lead to permanent hair loss, infections, and skin damage. These complications can also cause low self esteem and body image issues which can form other self harming habits, mental disorders or drug and alcohol abuse.

Treatment Hair Pulling Disorder
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