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Anxiety Treatment

teen anxiety treatment

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a nervous disorder characterized as a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension. It can also be described as the body’s natural reaction to stressful, dangerous or unfamiliar situations. When clinically diagnosed it means your anxiety in combination with a compulsive behavior or panic attacks make daily life and tasks unbearable. Those diagnosed cannot escape this constant feeling of fear and apprehension. They are also continuously in a state of paranoia and rarely seek refuge in anything outside their rituals.

What causes anxiety?

Like most mood disorders anxiety can begin to manifest due to a multitude of factors. It is never a sign of weakness or personal fault. Some causes for anxiety include chemical imbalances, long-lasting stress, family history, other mental disorders, and side effects of certain medication or trauma.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Lack of sleep or concentration
  • Fear of leaving home or one’s comfort zone
  • Excessive or irrational feelings of panic
  • Muscle tension
  • Nausea, headache or fatigue
  • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
  • Sweating, trembling or shaking
  • Ritualistic behavior
  • Sensations of panic and uneasiness
  • Obsessive thoughts

Our Teen Drug Rehab Program Highlights

We include several types of drug and alcohol treatment for our teen patients:

Group Therapy

Group therapies are part of behavioral interventions designed to provide teenagers with a non-judgmental setting to discuss their substance abuse problems. These meetings give them positive social reinforcement from their peers. It also encourages them to turn their lives away from drug abuse.

Family Therapy Sessions

This type of therapy addresses negative issues in the home environment and equips the family with skills and goals for dealing with drug abuse. Some behaviors and attitudes teens exhibit toward substance abuse can be attributed to the family’s failed behavior in key areas, such as instilling discipline, or for being substance abusers as well. Therefore, we help the entire family unite and resolve these issues.

Use of addiction treatment medication

Our on-site Medical Doctor evaluates each of our teen patients to access whether they should entertain the idea of trying medication. Our Doctor includes their parents and gives the family unit the choice to decide. Often times drug and alcohol abuse is related to other mental disorders, which is why medication can be such an aid in overcoming drug abuse.

Recovery Support Services

We will help our teen patients in every step after treatment is complete. We have staff that helps our patients find programs set up in communities or in schools for recovering teenagers, guardians and peer leaders to support one another in overcoming substance abuse problems. We also guide and encourage 12 step meetings, community engagement, volunteer opportunities, and support groups.

Please call 855-627-239 for more help.

Why get treatment?

Anxiety is treatable and if left untreated can be very debilitating to an individual. Without treatment, those diagnosed lead a very unconventional life filled with anxiety and paranoia.  Additionally, there are a variety of options to treat anxiety which can help those who have chosen substance abuse as their coping mechanism. This level of self-medication is detrimental to someone with a mood disorder. Although, this may seem like it is a great help to those diagnosed it will in time only make their disorder more pronounced.

For more information on other mental health issues please visit our mental and behavioral disorders page.

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